Separation Machines

Separation Machines

Remove Contaminants

In waste processing, contaminated material is unavoidable. Having the right waste material separation equipment will solve this problem by efficiently removing any contaminants left over after the screening process.

Hurrikan S

Remove Lightweight Contaminants With Windsifting Technology

The Komptech Hurrikan S is a mobile, high-throughput windsifter that efficiently removes light plastics, film and foils from screened overflow particles using a patented “pressure-suction“ process that enables an effective separation and removal of light fractions from screened compost.

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Hurrikan S Separation Machine


Remove 2D and 3D Contaminants With Ballistic Technology

The Komptech Ballistor, available in both stationary and mobile versions, is a high-throughput waste separator that efficiently separates usable 2D, 3D and fine fractions from mixed waste and potential recyclables by combining ballistic separation with screening, all with low operating and energy costs.

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Ballistor Separation Machine


Remove Stone Contaminants With Patented Airflow Technology

Patented pressure and suction blowers generate the removal of up to 95% of stones and heavy objects. Fractions previously too difficult to use due to a high concentration of stones, can now be processed into quality output and recyclable commodities.

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Stonefex Separation Machine