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Mix The Perfect Windrow

With Komptech Topturn compost turner machines, produce windrows with the optimum amount of porosity and pile structure, or "chimney" effect, to increase temperatures, reduce composting times and odors, and produce the highest quality compost.

Topturn X4500

Entry-level windrow turner for small to medium-size composting operations

The Komptech Topturn X4500 brings high-end performance to the entry-level category of compost windrow turners. The X4500 packs the proven functionality of the X series in a scale that is a perfect fit for small and medium-size composting operations.

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Topturn X4500 Turner Machine

Topturn X5000

High throughput windrow turner with built-in comfort and easy maintenance

The Komptech Topturn X5000 is a high performance compost windrow turner engineered to deliver optimally sized compost windrows, while being easily transportable and production-ready for most any sized composting facility or operation.

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Topturner X5000 Turner Machine

Topturn X63

High performance compost windrow turner built for the most demanding tasks

Our Komptech Topturn X63 compost windrow features a powerful CAT® C13 engine and large-dimensioned turning drum with conveyor and thrower blades for high capacity throughput so you leave behind tall, peaked windrows efficiently.

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Topturner X63 Turner Machine

Topturn X6000

Robust, efficient windrow turner built for heavy-duty, commercial composting

The Komptech Topturn X6000 windrow turner is a modern engineered machine built to perform efficiently in the most demanding commercial composting applications with ease, comfort and reliability.

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Topturner X6000 Turner Machine