Topturn X4500

Topturn X4500

Compost Windrow Turner

Primary Powerhouse

The Komptech Topturn X4500 is a robust compost windrow turner engineered with the proven the functionality of the larger Komptech machines, packed into a scale perfect for small and medium-size composting operations. The X4500, available in your choice of wheel or tracked chassis, features a sturdy, telescopic frame with buckle-resistant design, high-performance hydraulics and a generous 3'11" diameter drum for high throughput. The hydraulically extended maintenance platform and body-integrated ladders enable quick maintenance access. Operator comfort comes standard with a roomy workspace, powerful air conditioner and air-cushioned seat.

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Features X4500

Komptech Topturn X4500 Core Features

1Power Driven

The CAT® C7.1 Tier 4 Final engine meets the latest emissions standards and the new cooling system keeps everything cool even under heavy loads and high external temperatures.

2Ease of Operation

Operate safely and comfortably in the roomy, air conditioned and pressurized cabin with optional lift feature. Night operation is made easy with high intensity LED lights.

3Pile High

Heavy-duty, one-piece plow blades help maximize space by overlapping windrows for optimum pile structure which increases temperatures and reduces composting times.

4Effective Drum Design

The large-dimension turning drum and patented scraper bar enables high throughput, reduces odor and ensures complete mixing of the windrow outside to in.

The Right Komptech Turner For The Job

Four Topturn X-Series models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of application types and performance needs.

Diesel CAT® C7.1 Tier 4F / 275 HP Wheel - 16'2" x 9'10" x 10'11"
Track - 16'2" x 8'4" x 10'10"
14'9" x 7'3" / up to 3,900 yd3/hr
Diesel CAT® C9 Tier 4F / 330 HP Wheel - 17'1" x 9'10" x 10'9"
Track - 17'11" x 8'4" x 10'8"
16'5" x 7'3" / up to 5,200 yd3/hr
Diesel CAT® C13 Tier 4F / 390 HP Wheel - 20'2" x 9'10" x 11'11""
Track - 20'2" x 8'4" x 11'10"
18'8" x 8'6" / up to 5,800 yd3/hr
Diesel CAT® C9.3B Tier 4F / 420 HP Wheel - 20'9" x 9'10" x 12'
Track - 20'9" x 8'4" x 11'11"
19'8" x 8'6" / up to 6,540 yd3/hr

Download Compost Turner Information Sheet