Topturn X63

Topturn X63

Compost Windrow Turner

Tough Enough

The Topturn X63 is designed to handle the most demanding composting requirements. Available in a wheel or track chassis and driven by a powerful CAT® C13 diesel engine, the X63 turner produces a maximum window width of up to 18'8" with a turning capacity of up to 5,800 cubic yards per hour. The cooling system keeps everything cool during heavy workloads and high outside temperatures. The large, comfortable cabin and automatic drive create relaxed working conditions for the operator. The hydraulically extendable maintenance platforms make for fast and easy maintenance too.

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Komptech Topturn X63 Core Features

Komptech Topturn X63 Core Features

1Power Built-In

The X63 comes with a CAT® C13 Tier 4 Final/Stage IV or Tier 3/Stage IIIA engine that meets the latest emission standards. The Fast Drive option doubles the unit’s travel speed while outside of windrows for even greater efficiency.

2Work Comfortably

The X63 operator can work all-day in comfort with a roomy, air conditioned cabin and air-cushioned seat. The intuitive information system is operated via a large color display that adapts to any working condition.

3 Easy Maintenance Access

A press of a button turns the left and right body panels into roomy maintenance platforms with convenient service access steps, platforms and ladders, allowing the operator to reach all maintenance points safely and easily.

4Robust Turning

The X63’s large-dimensioned turning drum has a 4’7″ (1,400 mm) diameter which enables high throughput with complete mixing while the patented scraper bar ensures the complete pile is turned.

The Right Komptech Turner For The Job

Four Topturn X-Series models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of application types and performance needs.

Diesel CAT® C7.1 Tier 4F / 275 HP Wheel - 16'2" x 9'10" x 10'11"
Track - 16'2" x 8'4" x 10'10"
14'9" x 7'3" / up to 3,900 yd3/hr
Diesel CAT® C9 Tier 4F / 330 HP Wheel - 17'1" x 9'10" x 10'9"
Track - 17'11" x 8'4" x 10'8"
16'5" x 7'3" / up to 5,200 yd3/hr
Diesel CAT® C13 Tier 4F / 390 HP Wheel - 20'2" x 9'10" x 11'11""
Track - 20'2" x 8'4" x 11'10"
18'8" x 8'6" / up to 5,800 yd3/hr
Diesel CAT® C9.3B Tier 4F / 420 HP Wheel - 20'9" x 9'10" x 12'
Track - 20'9" x 8'4" x 11'11"
19'8" x 8'6" / up to 6,540 yd3/hr

Download Compost Turner Information Sheet