Screening Machines, Vibroconveyors, and Magnetic Separators

Headquarters: Austria
Equipment: Screening machines, vibroconveyors, and magnetic separators
Application: Waste management, steel/metallurgical/foundry, mining, sand/gravel/aggregate, glass, pulp and paper, wastewater treatment

IFE was founded in 1947 as Institute for Technical Research and Development and is today among the world’s leading manufacturers of vibroconveyors, screening machines and magnetic separators.

At IFE, quality and reliability, safety and commercial efficiency have been our main priorities for more than six decades. It is on the basis of this orientation and continuous innovation that IFE is able to assert itself as a worldwide leading supplier of machine components for the bulk materials industry.

IFE Equipment

IFE Equipment


Waste Separation

IFE equipment is used extensively in the waste management industry to screen and separate materials. IFE vibroconveyence technology is an effective combination of high throughput and fine screening capabilities. These machines excel for their modular, compact design that works well in most waste scenarios. From compost to ferrous metals and plastics, IFE does it all. You can find IFE technology is the following types of facilities

  • Material Recovery Facilities
  • Organic Waste Management Facilities
  • Waste to Fuel Facilities

Aggregate Screening

Another emerging application is in the field of aggregate mining. IFE equipment is proving its capabilities to separate particulate matter, deriving additional value from previously unrecoverable material. You can see IFE equipment at:

  • Ore Refineries
  • Aggregate Quarries
  • Reclamation Projects

Wood Treatment Systems

Demolition and abatement projects often yield high quantities of contaminated wood products. This wood is often mixed with stone and wood. All valuable materials with an effective separation process. These applications are found in the following industries:

  • Demolition and Abatement
  • Skid and waste wood
  • Animal Bedding


Vibroconveyors laid the foundation for the excellent reputation our company has been enjoying for many decades. Our first vibratory equipment with magnetic vibrators of the TS series has become a synonym for the total reliability, longevity, low maintenance requirements and thus highest economic efficiency

Vibrating equipment with electromagnetic drive – Vibrofeeders with electromagnetic drives are particularly suitable for the dosing of bulk materials. Control of the feed rate can be manual or automatic. A wide range of pan and tubular feeders provides solutions for various applications.


For this purpose more or less only linear vibratory screens are used today. They are in operation for recovering dense media in heavy media plants, for removing from very fine materials respectively dewatering of materials won or processed in a wet state to enable onward feeding on conveyor belts.

Screening Equipment

Separating big and small – The separation, screening and classification of substances and compounds are often basic prerequisites of industrial production. The associated requirements are manifold and call for special types of machines that will allow for a high degree of automation. IFE Aufbereitungstechnik has had many years of experience in all these fields and is an innovative partner for specific solutions.

For scalping usually, grizzly feeders in heavy-duty design are in operation. They are used to feed crushers and mills, or as separating grates in the foundry industry

One of the main mechanical handling methods used for granular bulk material is screening. The type of material, the grain shape and grain size, humidity, output and screen cut size as well as many other parameters necessitate a broad spectrum of different solutions.

Magnetic Separation

Many years of experience in material handling and highly qualified staff are the strong points at IFE Aufbereitungstechnik. A wide range of excellent technical solutions makes possible the specific separation of the most diverse materials. With IFE magnetic technology, you will be one step ahead of your competitors. Custom-made facilities with a long lifetime are a precondition for lasting success, and the resulting clean high-quality fractions will ensure customer satisfaction.

Owing to consistent research and development, IFE Aufbereitungstechnik can respond rapidly to new demands, and we are thus in a position to offer our customers innovative products in addition to the continuous improvement of our well-established lines.

Environmental Technology

For more than 60 years, IFE Aufbereitungstechnik has been putting emphasis on environmental protection. Our focus on practical, efficient solutions in nearly all fields results in secondary raw materials of the highest quality and purity. We thus make a sustainable contribution to the preservation and protection of our environment.

Mechanical Separation

The very complex problems of the recycling and environmental industry require specific solutions. Among them, special IFE products have long been firmly established, for example in the field of mechanobiological waste treatment.