Windsifter & Conveyor Solutions- Standard & Design Build

Headquarters: Germany
Equipment: Windsifter and conveyor belts
Industries: Packaged or bulk goods are to be conveyed, recycling materials and mixed materials are to be separated and sorted, special solutions

Windsifter, Conveyor Belts, Bunker Systems and Material Distribution Systems – WESTERIA® PROMOTES VALUE!

Production, logistics, recycling – wherever packaged or bulk goods are conveyed, recycling materials and mixed materials are separated and sorted, special solutions are sought from Westeria®: economic, robust, long-lasting, reliable and individually tailored to specific requirements. Westeria® Fördertechnik is a market leader in windsifter technology and conveyor systems probably exactly because Westeria®’s entire ambition is to meet this high demand and to continue to consistently develop proven solutions.

The result of this high-quality philosophy that consistently optimizes all areas and processes is sophisticated and high-quality systems and units. State-of-the-art production technologies and Westeria® employees who perfectly command them are the basis. But regardless of how up-to-date the machinery and knowledge may be the people at Westeria® Fördertechnik and their basic attitude remain the key to success. Expertise and commitment remain the crucial factor: whether consulting, during planning and production, while scheduling and adapting existing systems, during cooperation with plant engineers, when assembling and commissioning or during maintenance and servicing. That is because, at Westeria®, every part interacts with the other, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts



The entire windsifter range (Windsifter AirStar® and Windsifter AirBasic®) combines efficiency with lightness, despite its rugged construction. These systems are consistently designed for weight optimisation starting with the planning phase. After all, special challenges demand special solutions. The resulting benefits are obvious: nothing separates the input material cleaner than the Westeria® windsifters.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems from Westeria® are aimed at your individual demands and requirements. All types of fractioning, from heavy building waste to light recycling material are transported safely and smoothly by our chain belt, folding conveyor, flat belt and troughed belt conveyors and then transported to downstream operations.

Bunker Systems

The Westeria® bunker systems MovingFloor® and MultiFeeder with their special modular principle are perfectly designed down to the last detail. The intelligent and cost-effective series provides the greatest possible flexibility within the standard product range. Westeria® bunker systems make the difference – you can rely on that.

Material Distribution Systems

The compact material distribution systems from Westeria® are ingeniously simple and simply ingenious!

Although the construction may appear to be simple, at a closer look it impresses with the most advanced technology. As so often, the ingenuity lies in the details. It guarantees perfect material distribution for all separating processes.