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BMAir is a leading producer of air filtration, conditioning and cabin pressurization systems for industrial applications. Their systems are used in sectors including recycling, aggregate, rail, road and marine to name a few. Equipment owners internationally operating in dirty, dusty and or hazardous applications have selected BMAir as their first choice for cabin climate control.

As a company built on solid design and engineering, BMAir takes pride in their new product development processes to meet market requirements. They have also built a reliable supply chain to support their manufacturing as well as end users. Their sophisticated inventory system ensures that parts and support are available when required.




Clean Air Is of Vital Importance

A filter overpressure system is an equipment that is placed on the cabin of a vehicle that works in a contaminated environment. The system provides clean air in a hermetically sealed cabin. The health of the driver depends on the clean air delivered.

A filter overpressure system holds a ventilator and a number of filters. Depending on the toxic particles, the filter is a particle filter or a particle filter in combination with one or more active carbon filters for the filtration of gasses and fumes.

The BMAir filter overpressure system is meant for earthmovers and other vehicles that work in soil remediation or demolition involving harmful substances, gasses and vapours.

The modern streamlined machine offers less and less space to mount a filter pressurization system. In response to this question, BMAir developed a completely new system, the BMAir MAO-2. Robust, compact and to mount on any place on the machine, both horizontally and vertically. Ideal by minimal sight limitation. BMAir stands for quality, this is also reflected in this compact system.

The MAO-2 is equipped with a pre-filter that can be cleaned or replaced in a fast and easy way. The system can be equipped with a HEPA (H13) filter and activated carbon filters for harmful material, these are located in a separate compartment.

In combination with a BMAIR control system equipped with automatic pressure control and patented filter recognition in the display, the system is outside the standard filter change maintenance-free. The leading BMAIR technology ensures reliable compliance with legal health and safety guidelines. This adds to the improvement of working conditions and the health of the driver, resulting in a clean working space and reduce absenteeism.

BMAir New Product Release

The all new MAO-3 Cab Guard with PAC Smart Control was specially designed to meet the increasing demand for compact, smart systems. Inside the newly designed housing is a uniquely shaped self-cleaning, large capacity HEPA filter (Integral carbon filter also available). This new design generates an industry leading filter contact time that maximizes filter efficiency thereby improving operator safety. A safer, more comfortable operator means better results on the job site!

The All New MAO-3 Unit from BMAir

PAC Smart Controller

Patents used for the BMAir MAO-3 Cab Guard
Filter recognition:
Thanks to communication by means of patented filter recognition, the machine driver or safety expert can easily see on the display which types of filters are installed and how many hours these will theoretically last. This means it is no longer necessary to manually open the pressurised filter system, which reduces the risk of contact with pollutants and/or toxic substances to a minimum.

The MAO-3 in a nutshell

  • Lightweight yet durable housing
  • Self-cleaning angleless HEPA filter
  • Full-fledged integral carbon filter with high contact time
  • Filter information & hour readings via RFID
  • Longlife brushless digital fan motor
  • Durable stainless steel chassis & easy mounting-compact base plate
  • Includes BMAir PAC Smart Control