Westeria – Application Highlights

Application Highlights- Westeria

Redesign and expansion of a MRF (material recovery facility) plant in England utilizing WeKea® conveyors...

The previous facility sorted materials mainly by hand-picking with some automated sorting by magnets and a ballistic separator. The plant feedstock material is all municipal dry mixed recycling collected at the curbside. A new plant was required to improve their throughput and gain a better recycling recovery rate with improved purity levels.

Following detailed and rigorous procurement and testing processes Westeria, together with its UK distributor, were awarded the contract to design and install a state of the art MRF on the footprint of the existing plant.

In addition to Westeria conveyors, the system integration included NE-separators, optical sorters (NIR-separators), bag openers, a baler, new ballistic separators, magnets as well as a complete extraction and filter system.