Screening equipment

Screening Machines

Screen To The Right Size

With the Komptech line of multi-fraction star screen and trommel screening machines, gain throughput and flexibility to efficiently separate most any material to your required output sizes.

Star Screens

Built For Fractions

Whether you’re processing mulch, compost, wood waste or biomass, separating material into variable particle sizes is critical to your business. Our line of Multistar star screens are engineered to efficiently separate material into 2 or 3 fractions, while preventing high moisture content from wrapping, enabling you to increase throughput and lower production costs.

Multistar S3

Entry-level mobile star screen designed for medium volume operations

The Komptech Multistar S3 is an entry level 3- or 2-fraction star screen machine built for low to moderate volume mulch, bark, food waste or compost processors. The S3 is a low cost machine with high-capacity performance with an optional 4.6 yd3 hopper and throughput capacity of up to 130 yd3/hr.

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Multistar S3 Screening Machine

Multistar L3

Versatile and efficient 3- or 2-fraction screening for medium volume operations

The Multistar L3 is a 3- or 2-fraction, midsize screening machine built for medium volume mulch, soil or compost processors. The L3 is an energy efficient star screen with a large, 9.2 yd3 hopper and throughput capacity of up to 330 yd3/hr.

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Multistar L3 Screening Machine

Multistar XL3

High throughput, 3- or 2-fraction screening for medium to large volume operations

The Komptech Multistar XL3 is a 3- or 2-fraction screening machine built for professional, large volume mulch producers. The XL3 has a large, 9.2 yd3 hopper and extra-long coarse screen deck enabling up to 400 yd3/hr of finished “double” or “triple” grind product.

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Multistar xl3 Screening Machine

Multistar XXL-2

Maximum performance, 2-fraction screening for large operations

The Komptech Multistar XXL-2 is designed as a pure 2-fraction star screen, perfectly suited for high-volume mulch, soil and compost production. The XXL-2’s large hopper and active metering drum provide up to 650 yd3/hr of throughput while offering unparalleled efficiency through the simple adjustability of the screen cut combined with low fuel consumption.

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Multistar  XXL-2 Screening Machine

Trommel Screens

Born For Soil

Our line of heavy-duty trommel screens are efficient screening solutions for soil/aggregate, mulch/biomass, waste and compost processing. The rotating drum screen is built to handle the toughest materials, breaking up clods of dirt and rock, that would damage or clog other equipment.


Sturdy, mobile trommel screen for small to mid-sized composting operations

Designed as a tandem central axle trailer, the Komptech Primus has 172 square feet of screening area, able to handle your toughest jobs. Heavy-duty components, manually folding discharge belts, hydraulic drum drive and a fuel-efficient diesel engine make the Primus a powerful, cost effective solution to your organic screening needs.

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Primus Screening Machine

Nemus 2700

Flexible and robust trommel screen built for simple operation and maintenance

The Komptech Nemus 2700 is a mobile, hydraulic trommel screen built for high throughput screening of heavy soil, compost, mulch and organics waste materials. The Nemus delivers convenient feeding, efficient discharge, quick drum changes, easy operation, and simplified cleaning and maintenance.

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Nemus 2700 Screening Machine

Cribus 2800

Economical trommel screen that handles a wide range of materials efficiently

The Komptech Cribus 2800 is a mobile, hydraulic trommel screen that sets the standard in the compact class. With the largest screening surface of any machine of its length, the Cribus 2800 handles a wide range of materials efficiently. The Cribus delivers convenient feeding, quick drum changes, easy operation and a compact size that is perfectly suited for multi-site use.

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Cribus2800 Screening Machine

Cribus 3800

High performance, cost-effective trommel screen with innovation built in

The Komptech Cribus 3800 is a tough, mobile, hydraulic trommel screen built with premium quality components. With 15% more screen area and 15% more effective screen length than competivie machines, the Cribus 3800 efficiently screens a wide variety of materials while enabling easy feeding, quick drum changes, and efficient multi-site use.

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Cribus 3800 Screening Machine

Cribus 5000

A large trommel screen built for high-performance, even with small screen holes

The Komptech Cribus 5000 is a high-performance mobile trommel screen designed for high throughput and high quality screening, especially with small hole sizes. One of the market’s largest semi-trailer trommel screens, the Cribus 5000 has a 25’3″ screen with over 538 ft2 of screening surface, delivering easy feeding, operation and mobility for multi-site use.

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Cribus 5000 Screening Machine