Cribus 3800

Cribus 3800

Trommel Screen

Innovative Reliability

The Komptech Cribus 3800 is one of the largest mobile trommel screens with a central axle trailer. It has 15% more screen area and 15% more effective screen length than competitive trommel screens. The 3800 comes with a large, 7'2" diameter drum, 409 ft2 screening surface, and over 6.5 yd3 of hopper volume. The Cribus 3800 delivers efficient screening throughput of up to 287 yd3 per hour, depending on material. The machine's construction is built to handle the toughest screening tasks, from compost to soil to gravel. Its premium quality components and numerous available options make operation of the Cribus 3800 easy, convenient and safe.

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Komptech Cribus 3800 Core Features

Komptech Cribus 3800 Core Features

1Easy Maintenance Access

The drum sidewall easily folds down hydraulically, enabling efficient, direct access to the drum. Changing drums can be completed in as little as a few minutes and without extra tools. Large panels and doors throughout the machine give quick access to all maintenance points.

2Keep A Clean Drum

An electrically adjustable round brush, with available remote control, keeps the drum clean during operation. The feed cross-section to the drum, the drum diameter and the gap to the sidewalls help prevent clogs and allows a smooth screening-off process – even with large screen hole size.

3Low-Wear Discharge System

The Cribus 3800 trommel screen features a collector conveyor which moves against the material movement in the drum. Lower conveyor loading reduces wear and energy consumption and the corrugated side and fines discharge conveyor prevents leakage.

4Efficient Drum Drive

The maintenance-free drum drive features a high-efficiency, friction wheel drive with patented WHEELGRIP anti-slip technology to prevent slippage and produce maximum efficiency. Even support wheel loading through all-wheel drive minimizes wear.

The Right Komptech Trommel Screen For The Job

Five trommel screen models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of application types and performance needs.

PRIMUS Perkins Tier 4F / 70 HP >4.0 yd3 / 4'9" / 175 ft2 up to 90 yd3/hr
NEMUS 2700 Perkins Tier 4F / 99 HP >6.5 yd3 / 6'7" / 323 ft2 up to 230 yd3/hr
CRIBUS 2800 JCB / 74 HP >6.5 yd3 / 7'2" / 301 ft2 up to 222 yd3/hr
CRIBUS 3800 JCB / 74 HP >6.5 yd3 / 7'2" / 409 ft2 up to 2873/hr
CRIBUS 5000 JCB / 74 HP >7.8 yd3 / 7'2" / 538 ft2 up to 3533/hr

Download Trommel Screen Information Sheet
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