Design/Engineering Services

Design / Engineering Services

SRS equipment solutions include a very important option at no extra cost... the 20+ years of knowledge and experience we have in the Canadian market! We’ve been involved in recycling projects from concept to commissioning and that means added value.

Recycling on a large scale is a relatively new industry sector that only really began to grow in North America around the year 2000. That said, for many companies and municipalities it is still quite new. That’s where SRS comes in! We have been there from the beginning when we were formed by recycling industry experts to address the growing need for well designed and built recycling equipment and systems. The five phases of a recycling facility are concept/design, capex budgeting, equipment specifications, installation and commissioning.


We can assist you by making recommendations based on your requirements. Some criteria:

  • What is the material to be recycled?
  • What are the contaminents in the material?
  • What is the goal for the finished product?
  • What is the annual volume inbound?
  • Stationary vs mobile equipment?
  • Power sources? electric vs diesel?
  • Facility layout for material flow?
  • Access for maintenance? future expansion?



The bottom line is always the key and nothing is more valuable than experience when it comes to establishing a budget. The main pieces of equipment are fairly straight forward. The auxiliary components, the automation and the integration of those components will be crucial as will the layout and operation of the facility. Conveyors, controls, monitoring and other material flow auxiliary machinery must be considered. Our experience can help you by guiding you through the details that make the difference in the accuracy of the budget.



The equipment selection process can ultimately make or break the operation. You need machinery that will accomplish the goal effectively and efficiently. Unnecessary expenses and “bells & whistles” are a great way to blow a budget. With respect to pricing, acquisition costs are only the beginning. Consider the overall long term operational costs which include power consumption, efficiency, throughput and the maintenance required to operate the equipment.


At SRS, we know that the operation of your equipment depends on the quality of the installation and the subsequent testing/commissioning that is required to insure success. That is why we are involved in every step of the process. We can work with you and have our people on site to assist in the installation process.