Ballistic Separator

Mixed Waste Separation

The Komptech Ballistor combines screening with ballistic separation to separate 2D, 3D and fine fractions from C&D, single-stream recyclables, and MSW. The 2-dimensional fraction is shaken clean of impurities as it passes across the screen elements, and transported upwards. The 3-dimensional fraction is moved downwards by the ballistic movement and removed. Variable hole sizes of the screen elements further sort the rising material to separate out the fine fraction. An efficient electric drive system and low power requirements keep energy costs low with long service life.

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Komptech Ballistor Core Features

Komptech Ballistor Core Features

1Configurable Options

The Ballistor is available in four sizes, in either stationary or mobile versions, with options for an in-feed hood and adjustable in-feed flap.

2Selectable Screening

Variable hole sizes in the screening elements of the Ballistor help to efficiently separate the rising 2D material from the fine fraction materials.

3Efficiently Built

The sturdy housing simplifies installation, gives efficient access to the screen elements, and reduces operating costs by making it easy to replace the wear elements.

4Reliably Driven

Automatic lubrication options combined with electronic monitoring make the machine dependable even under heavy-duty operation.

The Right Komptech Separator For The Job

Three separator models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of application types and performance needs.

HURRIKAN S Light Plastics JCB Gen Set Tier 4F / 80 HP up to 100 yd3/hr
BALLISTOR 2D, 3D, and Fines Electric / from 7.3 HP to 14.7 HP from 80 yd3/hr to 210 yd3/hr
STONEFEX Stones JCB Gen Set Tier 4F / 55 HP up to 130 yd3/hr

Download Separator Information Sheet