Stone Separator

Stone Separation

Using a patented system of pressure and suction blowers, the Komptech Stonefex generates exactly the right airflow within the separation chamber to remove up to 95% of stones and heavy objects from your material at a throughput rate of up to 130 yd3/hr. The output that was previously difficult to use due to the high concentration of stones, can now be easily processed into fuel. Cleaner biomass processing equates to increased customer demand and higher prices for your product.

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Komptech Stonefex Core Features

Komptech Stonefex Core Features

1Efficient Separation

In the expansion chamber, a system of pressure and suction blowers separates the material into a stone fraction and a cleaned usable fraction, which conveyors take out to opposite sides.

2Intake Conveyor

A wide intake conveyor with adjustable speed allows for the easy loading of material, and makes the Stonefex compatible with a variety of machines and systems.

3Simple Mobility

Maximum mobility thanks to four rugged wheels and a simple hitch hook up, and independent operation with on-board diesel power unit.

4Easy Maintenance

Large access panels to the separation chamber, the motor compartment and the swiveling suction blower enable simple and convenient maintenance.

The Right Komptech Separator For The Job

Three separator models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of application types and performance needs.

HURRIKAN S Light Plastics JCB Gen Set Tier 4F / 80 HP up to 100 yd3/hr
BALLISTOR 2D, 3D, and Fines Electric / from 7.3 HP to 14.7 HP from 80 yd3/hr to 210 yd3/hr
STONEFEX Stones JCB Gen Set Tier 4F / 55 HP up to 130 yd3/hr

Download Separator Information Sheet