Topturn X6000

Topturn X6000

Compost Windrow Turner

Form Meets Function

The topturn x6000 is the latest in the komptech line of modern technology compost Windrow turners. With a sturdy, buckle-resistant frame design, the x6000 is built to Perform in heavy-duty, commercial composting applications. Available in both wheel And track chassis, this turner features a powerful cat® c9.3b tier 4f/stage v engine and a Large 4'7" diameter turning drum. The generously dimensioned engine cooling system And hydraulics keep them running smoothly under all conditions. Additional highlights include a hydraulically operated cabin lift, pressurized cabin with air conditioning, Massive plow blades with 20'4" windrow width, optional rear-view 360-degree camera, Optional windrow watering system and more.

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Komptech Topturn X6000 Core Features

Komptech Topturn X6000 Core Features

1Simplified Maintenance

Enjoy safer, more convenient maintenance access with body panels that convert into roomy platforms, special service doors in the tunnel and drum bearings that are accessible from the outside of the machine.

2Ready For Lift-Off

Safe, convenient operator cabin entry takes place on the ground with two hydraulic lift arms that elevate the cab to working position located centrally over the middle of the windrow. In transport position, the turner is very compact, simplifying multi-site use.

3Designed to Turn Anything

The 4′ 7‘‘ diameter, hydraulically driven turning drum is mounted on the heavy-duty, buckle-resistant frame for enhanced stability. When required, the frame together with the drum can be raised 1’4″ on each side of the chassis with a central telescopic unit.

4Options for Enhancement

Additional options include a watering system that infuses water directly into the center of the window while turning. Additionally, there is a patented scraper device that ensures the lowermost windrow ground layer, a potential source of odours, is not left behind.

The Right Komptech Turner For The Job

Four Topturn X-Series models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of application types and performance needs.

Diesel CAT® C7.1 Tier 4F / 275 HP Wheel - 16'2" x 9'10" x 10'11"
Track - 16'2" x 8'4" x 10'10"
14'9" x 7'3" / up to 3,900 yd3/hr
Diesel CAT® C9 Tier 4F / 330 HP Wheel - 17'1" x 9'10" x 10'9"
Track - 17'11" x 8'4" x 10'8"
16'5" x 7'3" / up to 5,200 yd3/hr
Diesel CAT® C13 Tier 4F / 390 HP Wheel - 20'2" x 9'10" x 11'11""
Track - 20'2" x 8'4" x 11'10"
18'8" x 8'6" / up to 5,800 yd3/hr
Diesel CAT® C9.3B Tier 4F / 420 HP Wheel - 20'9" x 9'10" x 12'
Track - 20'9" x 8'4" x 11'11"
19'8" x 8'6" / up to 6,540 yd3/hr

Download Compost Turner Information Sheet